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I love Megan Mosehauer.

This is for tonight and for you reading every single entry since 2004.
bitches wanna be me
i just wanted to let the world know that i can no longer be friends with caitlin mccourt. i have tried to look past the fact that she is so much better than me, but i have come to the realization that i cannot assosiate with crazy people. i'm not saying that caitlin is crazy, but that caitlin attrats crazy people. i'm not saying that she tries to attract them or wants to, they just seem to follow her everywhere she goes. i know it's her curse and that i should accept it, but i just am far too normal.

thank you,
no glove no love,

I am thankful for EVERYTHING!

I love my life. I really do.
I hate Chester police and I hate that I Drive too fast and I hate everything about cars and I am going to hate court.

By the way, got my first speeding ticket in Chester last night. Details will come later I guess, I'm just mad at myself.
Yesterday was the biggest soccer game of my life. I made two foam fingers with foam letters on them. One side said "Go Wizards" and the other said "Beat Monroe" They were a hit. I got to the game and painted my entire face. I had a giant white "W" and the rest of my face was blue, it kinda came out crappy but thats alright. I took 6 people with me, Ryann, Mooney, Meg, Annie, Ryan and Dylan. 4 out of those 6 had their faces painted as well.

The game was very close and very intense, we all did a lot of yelling and cheering and laughing and booing. It went into double overtime and in the last 3 minutes of the last 5 minute overtime Monroe tapped in a goal and we lost it. Seeing all the seniors cry because the season is over made it feel like someone had just died. It was all very sad but they played an Amazing game, they truly did. I had a great season watching them play and making posters for half of the games.
Youth in Gov't was better than I ever imagined. It was not lame, it was not boring, it was awesome. I had so much fun debating about everything. Here are some highlights:

1. Alaina and I presented our platform to the entire convention and it was passed, thanks all members for all the help you did.
2. Seeing my coworker Gopika doing it too!
3. Saying "us" when I was defending gay marriage, I didn't want to include myself but it slipped and Mooney let me know it.
4. Having some girl say "I don't think homosexuals should get married because its just a fad. Being gay is just a trend, like being a hippie!" and also a guy going up and saying "I don't like gay marriage, the majority of American's don't like gay marriage, we should ALL not like gay marriage!"
5. Kid: "I happen to live right next to where the Masada plant is going to be built..."
Alaina and I: "Oh fuck, what are the chances of that!?"
Kid: "...I just heard its going to be noisy!"
6. The bus trip, there and back. Even if it wasn't a "buslit".
Wow, please tell me you aren't going to turn out to be a douche bag again. I tried.
I had a complete blast last night. I have no pictures to prove it.
Minus the bad stuff, I had an amazing SEVENTEENTH birthday.