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Please Pick Me

I'm a Terrible Mess

12 October 1990
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The girl who writes her thoughts and feelings in this journal can go by many names. Some call her just plain Ann, others, Ann the "Man", Annathen or just "hey you". No matter what she'll answer to them all. She is a multi-dimensional character who could be anything you ask her to be. She will be your best friend, or your worst enemy. She will be caring, or rude. She doesn’t give a shit about what you think of her, she will be her wacky self and tell you to go screw yourself if you have a problem. She likes music, especially her drums, which is cool but she makes time for a life. School to her is a drag, to her who cares about Shakespeare or how to find the quadratic equation of a problem. She will let anything roll of her shoulders, to her grudges are silly, she will let you get away with so much crap just don’t cross her line of boundaries. She will laugh at anything you say just to make you feel good and not stupid like a freak that she wished was never talking to her. She is just a person, nothing special in its self; nothing extraordinary in the world. She is just a girl, a friend, and just about the best person who was ever brought to this earth, bitches!

love always,
cait the great

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